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ORGANIZATION TIPS. From Professional Organizers

Tips of the Season
April - June 2015
A Productive Day Starts the Night BeforeA Productive Day Starts the Night Before.

As funny as it sounds, a productive day starts the night before. Why? Because mornings are crazy and people are cranky!  There’s no time when you accidentally get up late because you or your family hit snooze.  The key to productivity is setting yourself up for success the night before.
Make a List
What are essential tasks that need to be done for the next day?
  • Set out clothes
  • Pack drinks, snacks or lunch
  • Charge electronics
Make a check list for you and your family to be sure these are done at night.  Post the list where each person can see it, such as a bathroom mirror.  Your list can include a spot for check marks too so you are sure you completed each step.
Get Ready Early
Getting a great night’s rest starts by getting ready early.
  • Start your kids’ off at an earlier bath, story and bedtime and you will enjoy a few minutes of extra solitude.
  • Get in your jammies way ahead of time or no later than an hour before bed.
  • Plan on 7 – 8 hours of rest for everyone.
  • Get in bed earlier than you think to be ready to fall asleep. 
Set your alarm and you will be surprised at how great you feel the next day. Now is the time for you bedtime procrastinators to get great shut-eye.
Work as a Team
Get buy in from your family with a family meeting. Talk about the value of a great night’s rest and working together to have a great day.
  • Kids can help pack lunches.
  • Have a laundry party to get everyone to take their clean clothes back to their rooms.
  • Make dinner super simple so there are no dishes.
  • No team? Use technology, automation and other delegation to help.  This can look like buying precut fruits and veggies, using reminders on your smart phone, or dropping your dry cleaning off each week on the same day.
Getting started the night before allows for the “oops” factor.  Some thing may go wrong in the morning. But you have it covered if you start the night before.