martes, 5 de abril de 2016


Get Organized Now! Special MINI-Edition
By Maria Gracia
April 5, 2016

  Quick Thought of the Day from Maria

Clutter Can Cause Us to Eat More Cookies?

With all the wonderful foods surrounding us and constantly calling our names, it's certainly not difficult to overeat now and then. Occasionally eating a bit more than we should is not going to cause any major issues...but if we're constantly consuming too much, the calories are going to keep piling on, which may end up with some serious health issues as time progresses.

In light of this, guess what I just read in the journal Environment and Behavior? One of the factors that can cause us to clutter!

In the study, two kitchens were set was organized, neat, and tidy. The other was a mess...strewn with mail, newspapers, and dirty dishes. Hundreds of women were recruited to participate in the study. They were brought into the kitchens one at a time, and given a writing assignment, detailing times when they felt out of control and when they felt in control.

During this time, participants were given snacks, the same in both kitchens, including cookies, crackers, and carrots. All were told: 'Feel free to eat as much as you want, because we have tons of this food.'

On average, the women in the messy kitchen consumed twice as many calories from women in the tidy kitchen.

'The notion that places, such as cluttered offices or disorganized homes, can be modified to help us control our food intake is becoming an important solution in helping us become more slim by design,' report Brian Wansink of Cornell University and his colleagues.

Now, I'm not saying that I feel this is the most scientific experiment I've ever come across, but the results are certainly interesting. I do know that clutter causes stress, uneasiness, frustration, and other negative emotions. I also know that negative emotions cause most people to seek out comfort...and we all know that comfort often comes in the form of food...and generally the 'empty calorie' ones at that.

So my advice here is, if you want to eat less cookies, you can certainly start that quest by getting organized!

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