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Tips: What colors to wear

Every week we share tips from our Guestblogger Nancy. She is an image and styling consultant and she will give you all the tips you need.
The colors of your clothes can influence the way you look. They make you look powerful, or friendly and open. However, colors may let you look pale. That’s not what we want, right? Therefore, you need to make sure to chose the right colors. It this way, it can positively influence your appearance. Most of us already do know what kind of colors look good or what colors make you pale or less beautiful. Most of the time people find them self comfortable in certain colors much more than other colors. Sometimes, it’s a natural feeling. Below I will give you a little introduction about the meaning behind colors.
Red reminds people of fire, love and agression. If  you are in the mood to draw the attention to you, make sure to pick red clothes! It gives you energy.
Blue stands for reliability. Navy blue looks good on almost everyone. If you have dark hair, blue is a color that mostly fit to you all the time. For blondies, light blue is more beautiful most of the time.
Green is associated with the environment, peace and rest. The mixed color aque (blue/green) is a color that looks chique and reflects rest and peace at the same time. Aqua and petrol are colors that can be worn by almost everyone. When wearing these colors your skin looks cooler and smoother.
Yellow is the color of ‘watch out’. If you have blue eyes and you would like the put the attention on those gorgeous eyes, you should definitly wear something yellow. When you do this, your eyes will shine even brighter!
In the Western world black is associated with the color of mourning. Many teenagers wear black so they will not the stand out. Hells Angels however, wear black clothing because this make them look tough and in order to stand out!
When black is not the best color for you, make sure that you won’t wear an entire black outfit. Combine black with another color, to create a more soft look. Think about a nice scarf.
Black also has a chique, festive and formal appearance, think about the upcoming holidays (that must have little black dress)!
When we think of the color white, we think of purity and mariage (the wedding dress). It can happen that white is not your best color, if not you can choose for an offwhite, cream-colored or ivory white to look bright and shiny.
Gold is the color of welth, power, elegance, formality and brilliance. Not all people can wear gold. Most people have a preference of gold over silver. But ask yourself, does gold look good on me?
Silver is the color of abundance, sparkle, formality, brilliance. The darker the color the more authority, the lighter the color the more friendly and accessible you look to people.
If you really want to have a good specific and personal advice, then I would recommend you to go to an image consultant. He or she will not only advise you which color fits you, but mostly they will also give you advice on which clothing style suits you the best. This will help you to get an insight on a personal level on what clothing to wear in different situations. In the end you can onder a palet with all colors that look best on you. This is super easy when you go for shopping!
See you next time!
Nancy Jaspers/4YOURIMAGE