martes, 30 de septiembre de 2014

ORGANIZATION : How to Organize your TIME wisely

We've all heard the complaint that there just aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that needs to get done. A few basic organizational and time management skills can help you maximize the time you do have. Learn how to organize your time wisely to get more done in the time you have.


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    Utilize a calendar.
    • The simple addition of a daily calendar or planner to your set of organizational tools will help you organize time efficiently. Write down every new deadline, assignment or meeting that gets added to your schedule. Take time each morning to review your calendar for the day so you know what's ahead of you.
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    Avoid double-committing.
    • Organize your schedule by avoiding overbooking yourself or committing yourself to too many projects or events at once. Check your calendar before agreeing to anything to verify that the time needed is free. This will keep your time organized and keep you in touch with your regular schedule.
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    Omit distractions.
    • Organize your time productively by removing elements that could be distractions or cause you to get off track and behind schedule. Keep the television and video game system out of the area where you study or do the bills so you will focus on the tasks that need to be done first and save the fun stuff for later.
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    Prioritize your tasks.
    • Manage your time wisely by planning to accomplish the most important or time-sensitive tasks first. Note these in your schedule with a special color highlighter or a small sticker. Schedule these top-priority tasks first to give yourself enough time to complete them, then work on less time-sensitive things around the prioritized ones.
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    Be realistic.
    • Allot yourself a realistic amount of time to complete each task. If you think something will take between a half hour and an hour to complete, give yourself the full hour. Being realistic about how long something will take will prevent you from getting overwhelmed or behind schedule.
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    Schedule in the basics.
    • Remember to include times for the everyday basics, like eating and showering, in your schedule. These might seem like second nature, but it's important to allot time for them among your other scheduled tasks to ensure that you don't skip them and that they don't put you behind schedule.
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    Use a reminder system.
    • Use simple reminders in addition to your daily planner to help remember important tasks or deadlines. Use sticky notes or voice or text alerts on your cell phone at certain times to remind yourself to do something or that you have something scheduled. This back up system will help keep you from forgetting things.
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    Ask for help.
    • Ask someone else for help and delegate smaller tasks if needed. It will benefit your schedule overall if you swallow your pride and ask someone to pitch in with a few small chores around the house or with taking care of dinner on a busy weeknight.